Salesforce Staffing

The term "talent acquisition" has been around for a long time and it's a constantly evolving practice and ideology. Today’s pain points represent a shift towards empowering recruiters with better data and tools to maximize their flexibility and effectiveness.Our talent acquisition team can help you with the following:

Candidate Sourcing

With a shortage of key skills and increasing competition in a global market, uncovering qualified talent is a daunting challenge. We will help you enhance your methods in order to broaden the outreach and improve efficiency. We help to fill positions SFDC Architects, Analysts, Developers, Leads and Consultants for contract/part-time /remote/offshore/ onshore and full-time positions.Our innovative ways in talent acquisition for the technology industry are helping customers drive the change with the following :

  • Access of pool of highly skilled candidate and Increasing the number of applicants
  • Identifying the top talent & get resource available for Full time, part time & C2H positions
  • Reducing time and money spent on candidate mismatched
  • Creating, effective and engaging interview processes & closures
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO is helping companies create greater efficiencies, reduce costs and improve processes. Our highly skilled recruiters will help you achieve your results and close the positions with speed and lower operating costs. Our RPO Services promises to reduce your recruitment cost and time more than 40% and increases your productivity by 60%. Together we will be 100%, the perfect stop for your entire recruiting support With our end to end recruitment process outsourcing services you will get the following benefits:

  • Improving time-to-fill the positions & reducing cost-per-hire
  • Scalability to manage inevitable peak & access to the right talent precisely
  • Get Access to Hidden Market and talent
  • Flexibility in terms of candidates availability