Salesforce Blockchain: A Quick Overview

The technical progress evolves rapidly, and almost every day you can see new inventions or upgraded software, and high tech appearing. In this era of technological enhancements, Salesforce is a fast paced growing company that upgrades itself at least thrice every year with its innovative ideas.

There was a bunch of new stuff announced by Salesforce this quarter. A few of the major announcements by Salesforce were that lightning Web Components is open-sourced now, the new trailmoji app launched by Salesforce etc. But Salesforce Blockchain was one announcement that proved to be the most exciting technological enhancement by Salesforce.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that uses various cryptographic method to create a secure linkage between two or more records that cryptographic linkage make ledgers(i.e the interconnected records). They are more resistant to spontaneous changes in data records. When we create an individual record a cryptographic hash value is generated. Publishing an update to an individual record also requires altering the cryptographic hash and any records added to the ledger after an altered record must be re-validated and re-added to the ledger (also with updated hashes). In a blockchain, a change to a record’s value is typically published as a new ledger entry.

Blockchain is a distributed public ledger that is used to manage all the transactions and keep a record of related assets. It allows a network of users to record, verify and perform various transactions in a secure manner. Blockchain helps in simplifying the creation as well as the exchange of transactions.

What is Salesforce Blockchain?

Recently, Salesforce launched a new low code platform i.e Salesforce Blockchain which enables organizations to build blockchain networks, applications,and workflows.

Salesforce Blockchain expands the reach of the Salesforce CRM platform. It is a new way to create, secure and share data from various applications with a network of partners because Salesforce Blockchain provides the infrastructure of a distributed ledger, and adds on the power of Salesforce metadata so that That means you can focus on application logic, not infrastructure. This platform helps in handling the complicacy of data integration and network communication. Using Salesforce blockchain, A partner can securely publish and independently verify records within the system from whatever system they use. Users in Salesforce can see and work with blockchain data in reports, automations, and all the places they expect to work with typical record data.

Powered by Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Blockchain enables building and maintaining blockchain apps, flows and networks easily which can be connected to customer records directly within Salesforce. The intuitive UI/UX in Lightning can be leveraged by partners and third parties that can easily be connected to the blockchain app or network. This helps with adoption which is a pivotal piece of the Salesforce blockchain. Salesforce now enables businesses to create trusted, shared blockchain apps and networks. Built on the open source Hyperledger Sawtooth protocol, Salesforce Blockchain is integrated directly into the Salesforce Platform. This allows customers to build their blockchain trust networks, data, and apps using clicks, not code, and easy-to-use tools. You will not have to reach out to blockchain developers. Instead, any Salesforce developer or admin can use Salesforce Blockchain.

This platform is new and fresh. Being in a beta version still, the possibilities of using this platform to bring out the latest features and aid to the developers and admins alike are immense. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a Salesforce Consulting company, We, at Gravity Infosolutions are here to help you with Salesforce use cases for helping you with adopt this platform with this.