Blockchain the disrupter of disruptors

Blockchain the disrupter of disruptors

We are Gravity Infosolutions are a group of Blockchain Developers and Block Chain consultants who are developing Blockchain solutions for following use cases.

-Legal documents like Notary, Educational Certificates, Education history.

-Payment and Digital Assets:

Smart Contracts: Smart Contracts is enabling us to exchange money, resources, property, stock or anything of value without any intermediators. We can define agreed rules, rewards and penalties and enforce it through the network. Ethereum allows us to write all logic and we just have to pay fees in form of Gas to run it on the network.

Distributed Storage: Blockchain based distributed storage needs no disaster recovery planning required the chances of whole network going down is almost impossible.

At Gravity Infosolutions we have Blockchain developers and consultants are creating truly decentralized, transparent micro-lending distributed apps running on the blockchain. The apps will have the following attributes.

-Blockchain will ensure that all the transactions are visible and verifiable to everyone.

-From the remotest of the village to the most sophisticated city will be able to lend or borrow the money.