5 Things You Should Know about Commerce Cloud

5 Things You Should Know about Commerce Cloud

Are you considering Salesforce Commerce cloud for your business, but know nothing about it? In this blog post, we will provide you with an insight into Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable you to decide if it is the right option for your business requirements. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud: An Introduction

Commerce Cloud is an ideal B2C and B2B commerce solution, which provides a cloud-based commerce multi-tenant platform to help brands build a unified buying experience across all channels- social, web, mobile and store. It is considered as a highly stable platform that enables businesses to provide their customers with remarkable website experience while shopping online. 

In nutshell, Salesforce Commerce cloud connects sales, marketing and services, which enables users to build seamless buying experiences for their customers. It allows businesses to handle their entire business operations from a single point. 

Commerce Cloud as B2B Solution

Online B2B operations include business-to-business purchase and sales operations that are performed online. B2B Commerce Cloud is optimized, tailored and integrated so that a business can curate the entire customer journey with absolute freedom. 

Salient Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Seamless and continuous upgrades: It offers new features and enhancements without disturbing any routine operations. It enables the business to cope with today’s dynamic market and customer requirement.

Merchandising and management tools: It enables businesses to manage all catalogues, pricing and products across their websites. 

Order management: Commerce Cloud shows all stages of order processing – production to delivery. Businesses can see an accurate representation of enterprise inventory, regardless of their location. 

Real-time reports and Dashboards: It facilitates tracking of revenue, performance, lead volume to help businesses in making effective business decisions. You will get clear insights across all online channels. 

Why Commerce Cloud is Ideal for Your Business?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud incorporates all functionalities for eCommerce, online shops and mobile stores, first purchase orders and order management- everything under one single roof. You can easily get a clear picture of your customers, orders, products, prices and promotions. In short, it offers unified commerce to build personalized shopping experiences for a business and its customers.

Limitation of Commerce Cloud

Despite all benefits and features, you get with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, here are some limitations –

Commerce Cloud may not be ideal for small businesses and start-ups. 

You may find some instability in the user interface and other features offered by the platform. Plus, many other features can make it hard for you to organize and find things when you need them. 

Bottom Line

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an amazing solution for growing businesses. It allows them to customize the design of their eCommerce stores without any coding.

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