Salesforce at Hi-Tech Industry

The organization is a leading technology company in the USA which develops mobile platform that makes it simple for any business by automating their business process.

Duration3 months

Technology usedSales Cloud Enterprise Edition, platform

Business challenges:

The Customer saw a need in their organization for a suite of solutions that reduces both the complexity and time in the complicated manual processing.There are some challenges which were faced by the customer :    

  • Stop Duplicate Records
  • De-duplication of existing records
  • Automate campaign management for specified events.
  • Auto field population on Account and Contact
Project description:

The solutions which were built to overcome the challenges were as follows:

  • Provided out of box Duplicate Management Functionality.
  • Prevention of duplication of records. This was accomplished, by re-engineering a middle screen on Account.
  • Consolidated copy Accounts in an optimized way.
  • Automation of information populace by re-engineering the utilization of apex triggers.
Project Team

Project Manager1

Solution Architect1

Business Analyst1


QA Engineer1

Benefits delivered:
  • Standard duplicate management rule enablement stops copy records effectively.
  • The intermediate screen returns a list of existing records that can be possible duplicate makes a difference ceasing copy record and spares mapping time.
  • Records were successfully merged and the database was optimized.
  • Field value in contacts is auto-populated and related Account records

Team Gravity has a very experienced and highly skilled team. They worked diligently for the deliverables and were available almost immediately for key matters which required their attention. Their work was high in quality and delivered on or before the schedule.

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