Salesforce at Technology Company

The client is a leading technology company having presence in USA and  India. They are helping customers across the globe by building custom solutions and automating their business processes.

Duration6 months

Technology usedSales Cloud Enterprise Edition, platform

Business challenges:

There are some challenges which are faced by the customer :

  • Campaign Monitoring.
  • Email Administration.
  • Lighting Migration.
  • Custom Sales Process setup
  • HR Application
  • Integration with various platform
  • Tender Management
  • Mass Mailing automation Industry and region wise
  • Data Duplicacy
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • AI enablement
  • Pardot Email Marketing
Project description:

This Section describes, at the summary level the description of the solutions which is proposed to overcome the challenges of the business.

Automation of Email Services & Email Administration

  • Gmail Integration
  • Automation of Mass Mailing Industry & Region-wise
  • Email Alerts
  • Mail Server Integration
  • Automation of Salesforce Email Opt-out functionality

Integrate the various tools & synchronize the data across systems

  • Go to meeting Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Skype Integration
  • Zoom Info Integration
  • CTI Integration
  • Web to Lead Integration
  • Website Integration with standard and custom objects

Harmonized & Customized the System as per business needs

  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Migration into the Salesforce Lighting
  • Customized setup of the sales process
  • Application for Candidate Recruitment
  • Tool for managing the various tenders
  • Duplicacy rules
  • Single window for creating Account & Contacts
  • Intermediate Screen to avoid Duplicacy
  • Custom reports & dashboards
  • Lead Automation
Project Team

Project Manager1

Solution Architect1

Business Analyst1


QA Engineer2

Benefits delivered:
  • Standard duplicate management rule enablement stops duplicate data entry in the system efficiently.
  • The automation of campaign & Mass mailing enhanced the client’s ability to reach out to new and existing Customers.
  • Successful Integration and data synchronization with various platforms.
  • Quality analysis of data via reports and dashboards.

Case Studies