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The Most Advanced and Innovative Companies around the world are marching ahead and marching strong with Sales Cloud.

We provide Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation, Process Definition, Cloud Configuration, Integration and Technical Support.

Create Opportunities, Build relationships and channelize your services with Marketing & Sales expertise through Sales cloud.


Create your Sales haven

Identify right customers

Seal the deal

Beat your targets

Achieve new Success

Salesforce Certified Consultants will assist you to decide and demonstrate the most seamless transition methodology to move from conventional to latest cloud solution and ways to strengthen the Sales, Service, data-migration to marketing–training and Support. This technology switchover benefits both small and large scale business owners; needless to say,this provides a robust and SMART platform to extend business exponentially. Cloud provides one of the latest CRM (Customer Relationship Management)solutions which contribute Sales force automation, a powerful advantage over its competition.

Who Benefits?

Productions Houses, Industries,Retail, Research,IT,corporate Houses and various scale companies are able to communicate easily with their clients.

With the advantage of Salesforce we bring to you better responsive and spontaneous support with cutting-edge origination in all cloud technology that antedates all your needs.

Salesforce technology focuses on delivering added value, however it also integrates services and other developed applications through Sales cloud compared to other products.

Gravity Infosolutions is a Global IT solutions provider and a Salesforce  Partner Having far-reaching experience of cloud (C.R.M)Customer Relationship Management, mobile solutions and customized application development  for customers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 worldwide organizations. Our intention is to provide services to various business verticals such as IT, real estate, healthcare, pharma etc and distributes a broad range of functionality rationale-built to deal with all the request consenting Executives,TOP-managers, representatives and on the go application to be more triumphant

Our Salesforce experts holds immenseproficiency in their counselling, confer with, performance and customization organized.We gauge and evaluate the business requirement of all clients sincedisparate companies

We @ Gravity’s Salesforce COE help you connect with Expert consulting synced seamlessly with implementation and customization segment

Even as the world is coming to terms with the technology advancement, the latest Customer centric platform technology is the one that the world is gearing up for the next big think in Cloud computing. Every generation of technology has seen a quantum leap in the speed of communication and transmission speed. This is an exponential increase and advancement and is sure to usher in almost unlimited. It is without doubt going to be a transformative technology, opening up endless windows.

Understand –What Sales Cloud does besides offering millions of benefits?


Our user-friendly dashboard helps you organize all the customer data in a seamless directory and makes your working experience a sheer delight. We highly put in the data modernize which accelerates  flow and adheres to step-by-step surface key customer data when you need it most by connecting the power of association, we help you choose the right email, supplyadequate knowledge to anticipate customer needs and more, right from your email -wherever you go

Contact Management

We provide you all that you look for using the right tool. The dashboard allows you to view the key coordinates and customer history, so these can be utilized as and when required. The Cloud technology connects with the leading common Media sites:Face book,LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram all within Salesforce Cloud.


Using Sales cloud, we are able to efficiently gather information, competition payments, quotations and other Importation info which helps us to understandand as well understand the techniques.

Find out all that you always wanted on one platform – we argue you to be e arestrong, ahead of competition sincestage, products, competition, quotes, and more information gets dynamic and is on the move… We create a lasting impression with people and their information, so oneunderstands the right time to approach and closethe sale.

Boost your Sales productivity

With Salesforce, integration, one can brainstorm and prioritize decisions based on the most up-to-date information. And do it with your laptop,phone or any other device.

Make perceptive decisions with latest data.

The exclusive feature is that that all your customer information and interactions are in  unified place irrespective where the customer is – the Best practices of the application and in-line intelligence help convert leads to attainable targets ..

You chance to grab the Opportunity is now! Why wait?

Inspired by the technological channel- we let your client enjoy surfing the cloud with Sales cloud