Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Know your customer better and create a storyboard with each one – Unleash the smartest digital Marketing tool that integrates multiple channel into One unique channel, helping you to connect and experience world’s largest One-to-One customer connection through email, mobile networking, Social , adverts and the web – all using an engaged  marketing platform with Marketing Cloud.

Marketing cloud simply merges markets and automates your business data in the most competitive and ever demanding CRM platform.  You will be amazed to see your data function across all web, social, email and branding in the most convenient and efficient way.

Be it your personalized email marketing or a corporate high end campaign – reach out to us and we will help you build and manage all your marketing operations using Sales, service, Social Media Marketing,Advertisements,automation of B2B Marketing, Multiple marketing activities . We at Gravity Infosolutions redefine brand, build, monitor& automates Media campaigns, Promotes SEO marketing Key search, offer comprehensive marketing flow of all content related promotion and generates Marketing trackers and above all controls and create market analysis and more …

We assist you to Market your Brand as “THE BRAND” which clients can connect with- rather than following the way the company has been promoting.

How does one start?

Most of the companies these days undergo Marketing Dilemma – they are unable to decide which are the best marketing tools for them to achieve overwhelming output and a heavier bottom line. Are they using the right channel for their digital advertisement? Are the marketing channel managing the ad-campaign and aligning them as required? How does one increase conversions and trigger emails real-time? Is there a possibility to get automatic updates or integrate your business with customers using an unified platform?  Business owners does come across many lucrative promising offers but the question that remains unanswered is what is it that clients wants and how can we improve our presence in the market ?

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Well the answer can vary – the world is expanding with thoughts, latest applications and endless streams of “Huge data banks”. Noticeably a carefully thought marketing technology has been introduced and this has created a buzz worldwide. Marketing Cloud not only balances the investment block and income but reduces enormous quantity of expenses and controlled advertisement spends. We call this technology as the “Marketing Cloud” – the name which has attracted attention globally.

Understanding Marketing Cloud Consultants:

Our team of Experts comprising of Salesforce certified developers and administrators actions, executes, systematizes and monitors 360 solutions of your digital marketing scenarios.

The SalesForce Marketing Cloud team analyze the project requirement and simply automate tasks and accords limitless solution to all your planned and uncalled marketing needs.

Among the most tried and successful segment of implementing Marketing cloud, listed below are some of the key marketing initiatives:

Generates Genuine leads and ultimately increases efficiency

Handles Bulk Data streaming and provides a uniform data without any conflicting information.

Handles and maintains an organized data of all customers and handles all customer lifecycle

Help fulfil strategies and assists retention gain.

Helps Integrate Marketing activities to one single platform , reducing your load and managing multi Media monitoring system

Helps analyse Customer trend and plan your marketing accordingly.

Automate Social feeds and build, supervise monitor all campaigns related to social account


Does your business need one?

If you’re especially particular about the quality of your data, or you simply like the convenience angle of an all-in-one solution, it’s likely you’d consider a marketing cloud.

But, do you actually need one?

It’s time for a thorough assessment of what your marketing requirements truly are. Questions to consider include:

What kind of marketing tools do you, or would you genuinely use?

Do you have the staff hours to invest in teaching someone the intricate interface to maximize ROI?

What will your metric of success be if implemented?

Should you go for Marketing Cloud?

In layman language,Yes!Salesforce Implementation consultants have carefully been trained on the subject,Since the marketing cloud technology is highly comprehensive impressive proposition and undoubtedly proves as “the” most result oriented way to increase your company’s revenue provided you are savvy enough to understand the working and technicalities it demands (which is minimal). All you need is to sit down, brainstorm and plan your investment and specific requirement and we will customize the requirement into workable solutions.

Sales force is open to offer free Demonstrations and select the most suitable option for you to proceed. Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultants will share the service metrics and take you through a detail tour.

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More services:

Build, monitor and tweak entire social media campaigns

Run and track pay per click and other online advertising

Automate and track many email campaigns simultaneously

Offer detailed content marketing flows and tracking via your blog

Track search engine results pages (SERP) keyword progress on all websites