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Technology has seen a great deal of advancement is recent times. The technological revolution as most of us know is the best creation of human mind so far. However this can function at its best only when it is supported by “In the moment”strategies, which are achievable and the product created keeps the community engaged. Such technologies works cohesively with Sales Cloud and Marketing cloud collaboration.

Needless to say – most important component of any organization is their Data, since the idea is to use this data which creates a channel to connect through researched content and employee engagement.

The only community which allows the opportunity to choose platform with exceeding segments that fits your budget very well-

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Community cloud

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We help you discover all that’s possible through Salesforce Consulting Services.

Understanding Community Cloud!

Big Community inspires big ideas!

What would you do if the world of technology had a destination called called Salesforce?

Have you been through the Community Cloud technology lately? Its features are splendidly advanced and concepts redefined.

The easiest way to source your next technical dive- Come be a part of the biggest community integration with Salesforce

Whether you own a big corporate or a mid-size organization – having community cloud integration will bring forth experiences which are smart, tech savvy ,one which easily compliments with mobile-optimized community since this  application is not only secure, scalable and reliable but perfectly matches your brand requirement.

Community Cloud is an advanced application which automatically recommends and sends invites to experts, groups, and content. The automated recommendations are based on specific interests, necessities, and behaviour, engaging individuals and participants from various communications.

Few companies overseas are experiencing a new yet improved, efficient and quality engagement, which is facilitating their brand presence and boosting sales queries and conversion ratios. This is basically a two way benefit, if we talk about the customer front- the benefit they get  is recognition, they can easily obtain search results, has the option to choose,evaluate, purchase and conduct post purchase evaluation as well. And the companies get a databank which later filters down and become leads and conversions.

We assist you to build a secure, firm, dependable, result oriented community with Industry best Salesforce Analytics and Salesforce Integration

Who needs Community Cloud?

Give it a moment of your thought – Are you an Employee? A   business partner or an end customer – Cloud facilitates all and creates a niche for your requirement –

Know more and achieve more using Cloud community.

We @ Gravity Infosolutions are powered with exceptional online platform. Our qualified and proficient Salesforce developers designs the application with easy manageable console which provides a quick and easy supervision option, the application can run reports, accept action, set up customized dashboard and can keep an overall view of the client’s journey.

According to the requirement the community cloud computing serves many functions:

Rental services: This application helps various group/community or organizations to share and work using a Multi-Tenant- framework all under unified computing service.more

Security services: Applications are designed based on the tier / level .In regards to security services, Community cloud works collaboratively with multiple organizations and supports a common community with similar interests .We leverage option to the community to manage the application or premise or off premise depending on the requirement.more

Secured segments: Few organizations share infrastructure and belong to a specific community, they sometime manage on their own system or rely on an external third party. more

+ Points

Self-service empowers customers to find answers to their questions with a searchable option

Community engagement leverages passionate consumers as “experts” within the community are rewarded for helping other customers and promote deeper customer loyalty.

Build everything one can dream -Our proficient Visual Designer facilitates you to create classy custom community layouts to meet even the most unique vision or business need.

Superior service solutions comprehends and administers your community 24×7

Smart user-friendly dashboards in the Community Management Console helps it’s to analyze measure, quantify and optimise usage.

What Next!

One’s personal understanding speaks volume – the practical aspect states that one should set justified data and doing whatever doable – talks and sets achievable targets. Community cloud usage will expand and reach out far & wide.  As technology expands, so does the number of young developers,programmer and directly boost the cloud architecture.

Companies dealing with cloud are promoting various services associated with both big and mid-term. There are listless benefits while accessing your on dynamics working with a certain type of cloud model. And being vs. the GOP is very vital. We take miscellany in cloud computing contributions allow organizations and engineers to find pieces of the cloud that can help enable their trade and run through.

A channel sales community connects your internal and external sales teams in real time, so partners can collaborate directly on sales records, easily track revenue, monitor pipe generation to reduce deal friction — and make deals happen.

Is Cloud Safe? Why Community Cloud?

Companies of any size can create seamless, branded community experiences quickly and easily with Community Cloud. For example, Lightning Community Builder and Templates provide a great out-of-the-box solution to get you started, with simple customisation options as your business grows.

High speed accessibility makes it the customer’s chaise and we enable your mobile-optimised community to perfectly match your brand. This includes incorporating third-party and custom components for ultimate customisation under secured environment.

Salesforce Community Management Console allows you to quickly and easily monitor and measure key metrics, run reports, set up customised dashboards, and take action from one central place.

Salesforce powerful online platform also allows you to create a seamless customer experience. Members can ask a question, file a service ticket, and make a purchase — all within the community. And you’ll have a 360-degree view of a customer’s entire journey.

The best reward one can claim using Community cloud is one can build whatever you wish to and nurture your personal community, connect with customers, empower your associates and yield partner sales and Marketing

Whether you are planning to start up your NEW community, create a branded community or enhance your customer experience -We assist you to connect to your customers, generate leads and achieve conversions

Achieve MORE from LESS