Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) on business through Salesforce CRM

The IT industry defines Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a recent escalation and revolution, yet many who understands Artificial Intelligence struggles hard to incorporate its advantages into their business processes. There are numerous debates and statements which have not only raised eyebrows of many but, the best practices are yet to be accepted and implemented.

We will share some of the key benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in business through Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Boosts Sales

The advantage that one carries and the confidence one holds as a sales personal fuelled with Artificial Intelligence AI is much prepared and challenging compared to a bland sales effort. How does that happen? Salesforce service clouds merge Artificial Intelligence in a technical wonder format – it extends and supplements the effort with data volume –which acts handy and keeps you ahead of all queries. The integrated Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce integration mechanism in marketing supports you to deliver with exceeded expectation results.  The outcome of integrated insights helps to implement AI to boost Marketing processes and yield targeted results.


Simulated support

What if someday you have multiple itineraries to chart and book? You would  log on to a provider such as who facilitates you to check the availability online, select between aisle and window seats, pre-order meals and enjoy the flight with ease and even get your hotel booking confirmation right at a click on your smartphone – do you ever wonder  how does an International Business hotel or an airline caters to millions of requests every minute through real-time online markets – this however is a very volatile job for all the service providers and can lose its brand with a simple glitch this is exactly where  Salesforce bridges the facilitates making hundreds of queries connect systematically with their clientele or market using Artificial Intelligence (AI) . The Smart and “in the moment service” channelize and makes the entire process seamless with their Chatbots and enhanced artificial systems- the system is programmed in such a manner that it connects with the end clients and keeps them notified and updated with personalized notification 24 X7 – this is highly appreciated overall.


Chat-bots and computer-generated helpers (VA’s Virtual-assistants) usually perform monotonous responsibilities over and over again, while salesperson and fieldworkers can emphasize their attention and mind on other applicable responsibilities that include originality and logical thinking. As actions and results are being worked upon, Sales analysts together with AI can emphasis on considerate clienteles even more and generating influential actions completely unique compared to human communications.


Low-Resource Communities

Artificial Intelligence(AI) provides immense support for the people in small resource segment. Conventionally AI funders have cheaply invested for these categories since this segment “as presumed”  does not involve commercial application, Salesforce Developer comes up with surprising results –  Their research states that – with targeted incentives and funding- AI can provide marginal advanced service support for the Low resource communities as well.

Furthermore, it is important for us to know and understand that Artificial Intelligence stages are not cent percent accurate, so adverse consequences that immediately demands a manual capability to object are always prowling at every nook-n-corner.

Clickatell Touch

Salesforce Development consultants define Clickatell as one of the powerful tools which have over a very short span of time connected the power of artificial intelligence chatbots to generate Clickatell Touch – which is the “in thing”  and the most searched topic for business to consumer communications.

The good news is Salesforce Implementations service together with Salesforce consultation services has set a growing trend in today’s demanding world in the same manner as computers have taken over manual clerks. The Salesforce cloud integration system has given way to seamless automation of routine work wherein Artificial Intelligence is gaining pace and replacing huge resources which in other terms were not commercially paying off the ROI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) services and do not need breaks or refreshment to boost their energy – they are adept with all commercial endeavors and words seamlessly serving Salesforce implementation partner a heavy incentive as far as the introduction of Artificial Intelligence is concerned.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), an important boon of technology is here to stay and not only proves it as important but consistent and provides a new dimension in the digital economy.


Business and Sales cloud

It would be incomplete to not mention the Salesforce analytics which acts as the important feed for the monstrous ever booming and evolving Tech world of today. With the support of Salesforce service cloud, you are sure to keep the data secure and protected in the cloud databases. Artificial intelligence helps businesses associates access their data stored in Service Cloud in few minutes which otherwise can become a cumbersome task It learns and adapts. These acumen’s can be served back to the business to improved its procedures.


This clearly means that since Artificial Intelligence (AI)  marches towards the mainstream, there are innumerable ( lost count actually) organizations who with their probability to develop, progress is now advancing towards technology and embracing the innovative features – in other words, they have and want to take a step forward in the field of advancement. They are involving themselves and their wholesome resource into some kind of digitized advancement and training them various ways to participate, compete in the digitization segment of the world, In other words, “Artificial Intelligence (AI)powered by Salesforce world”  Result? Innovative products and facilities will be launched in the market and the ones which are there will be improved and advanced.


If we refer to any segment, be it salespersons, vendors or even salesperson in any trade, there is a static challenge, threat, and prospect. AI is a game modifier like any new technology. It prompts marketers to stay on top of their game and maintain keenness by providing not only eminence statistics but also eminence systems.


Overall Artificial Intelligence (AI) will remain to cause commotions same was as we experienced with the introduction of the Internet. What is required is a solid support such as Salesforce, who will strengthen the core and prepare for the change, a change which is evolving and trending.

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